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My product management and marketing experience fuels a holistic understanding of what makes a successful product.  I've managed projects ranging from product ideation, concept validation, prototype design, MVP product definition, release planning, release and delivery, global GTM strategy, product launch, revenue pipeline development, and customer journey mapping.  I am able to delve into technology, describe it in understandable terms, and develop value propositions that resonate with prospects and address market pains. 

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My Mission

I'm passionate about:

  • Customer advocacy, because engaged, happy customers fuel customer lifetime value (LTV).  
  • Collaboration across teams, because employees should have access to resources and assets that help them complete their tasks and achieve their goals.
  • Delivery-focused leadership, because leading often includes mentoring and coaching to help employees discover expedient methods to get the job done faster.

My goal is to help you fill capability gaps while offering fresh ideas and insight regarding new technologies that will improve your analytics and the user experience.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination...”
— Albert Einstein

My methods

  • Expect questions that probe project goals and ensure alignment with your broader objectives.
  • We'll agree on a process, check-in points, and relevant delivery dates.
  • Let's schedule an exploratory discussion to talk about current pain points and determine how I can work with you to resolve them. If your company is located on the 128 corridor in Massachusetts, I'm happy to meet you at your office for an introductory meeting.