What type of results can you expect from me? Well, it really depends on the type of project for which you need my input.

Do you need to capture customer insights regarding an impending product launch? I use a proven process for customer outreach to determine why customers buy and what problems they want to solve.  I can present this information to you in your preferred format. The insights this project delivers helps your marketing team focus on the messages, positioning statements, and content types that resonate with your customers. In turn, this increases your inbound marketing results.

Would you like to improve your conversion rates on your web site? I can provide ideas for content, create the content, and work with your graphics design team to deliver compelling business and technical assets that drive web traffic and convert leads. Due in part to the content I have delivered, several companies have increased quarter-over-quarter demand generation results by 30%-50% and quarter-over-quarter conversion rates by 20%-40%. Note that results vary based the level of marketing investment in asset creation and content curation.

Are you working to garner resources to launch a product? I can advise the team about best practices to broaden reach and increase "buzz," offer useful templates, and fill resource gaps.

Would your sales force benefit from more targeted technical resources that detail how your product works, the benefits it provides, positioning detail, and objection handling? I can create resources, primers, and competitive material to assist them and increase sales effectiveness.

All these initiatives add value to your company and revenue to your coffers. I’m pleased to discuss your project ideas or provide targeted input to nascent and evolving strategies. If I can’t help you directly, I can recommend alternative resources who can.

Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact me.